Hardwood Floor Refinishing has two main procedures. 1. Full Sanding, Staining, And Refinishing 2. Light Sanding, Buffing, Restoration, Screening, And Cleaning. With either procedure, you should always have your wood floors evaluated to determine the exact conditions of your wood floors.

1. Full Sanding, Staining, And Refinishing Of Your Hardwood Floors. Check to see if your hardwood floors have a lot of deep scratches, chips, and staining from water damage so you can determine the condition. If any of these elements are present, you would have to fully sand and refinish your wood floors. This is so you can remove the layer of wood with the damages using different hardwood sanding machines.

This damage in the wood is too deep in this scenario. Also, if you would like to change the color of your floors, you have to fully sand your floors so you can remove the current color. This is because applying wood stain color over an existing stain is going to mix and not turnout out with a clear color.

Plus, you can have bonding and durability issues that are often reported with the polyurethane. Both scenarios need a full sand wood floor refinishing process. Dustless methods will eliminate the mess and toxins involved. Hardwood Floor Maintenance After Refinishing

2. Light SandingRestoration, Buffing, Screening, And Cleaning. For light damage and dullness a combination of these techniques will work. Moreover, you can restore wood floors without fully sanding in many cases. Do you have wood that is dull, dirty, scuffed, faded, or has minor scratches? Also, some methods can be used individually or in combination of each other.


Do you have questions about your hardwood floor refinishing project? A hardwood floor professional like Wood Vitalize can help determine the best wood floor refinishing process. Furthermore, we can help with staining, damages, repairs, cleaning, waxing, polishing, and scraping questions. Also, if there is furniture in the home we can provide movement.

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